1. House of Testoni

Here comes the hot stepper. Founded by Amedo Testoni in the 1920s, the shoes top the world’s finest, delivering the rich far and wide with quality and style. Testoni shoes are made with soft goatskin and finished with a diamond and gold buckle. Feather light and water resistant, they also stand the test of times. Price starts at Ksh.3,080,100.

2.Louis Vuitton Shoes

Louis Vuitton are a rage in women. They are an outstanding want among wealthy men. The brand may have tested the launch of shoes for men accidentally, but the line became a sensation, making it to the top league of sorts. Louis Vuitton men’s shoes are made of waxed alligator leather, handmade with classy touch. Price starts Ksh.1,026,700

3. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes

Diamonds are for men too. Stones as shoe accessories give a different touch to masculinity in totality. Phil, Aubercy’s most expensive diamond studded shoe is studded with diamonds in the classiest of ways. These shoes come in the range of Ksh. 308,010 and above depending on the make.

4.Stefano Bemer Shoes

Collaborated with world famous Gucci, the Stefano Bemer shoes are simply made by hands that have excelled in the art of shoemaking. Breathtaking styles and detailed work will leave the shoe lovers bedazzled forever. Be amazed to know that a single pair takes a minimum of three months to finish! Need we say more. Shoes that rank in the luxurious. Price starts Ksh. 205,340



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