Here Are The 3 Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs In Kenya Currently (Photos)

Vivo Active Wear Team and Marini Naturals' Michelle Ntalami

It’s no secret that women are making it big in business in Kenya currently. Women are performing exceptionally well whether in business, arts, politics, contrary to the expectations of naysayers. Don’t get me wrong there are challenges that still continue to thorn the path of women, however they have still managed to emerge triumphant.

These women have worked till it’s no longer a requirement for them to introduce themselves. They have made the phrase it’s a man’s world redundant.

Wandia Gichuru. Vivo Active Wear founder Wandia Gichuru who is an alumnus of Loreto Convent Msongari joined the corporate world after the completion her MBA at the University of Cape Town. She worked for the World bank for a couple of years before she called it quits for another job at the Department for International Development in London. After spending a total of ten years at DFID, Wandia left in pursuit of something different. During this soul searching period, Wandia enrolled in a training to be a certified life coach and entertaining a business idea. It from this training that the idea of her currently thriving business, Vivo Active Wear was formed.

Women Entreprenuers
Wandia Gichuru- Vivo Active Wear

She co-founded Vivo Active Wear six years ago alongside a friend, Anne-Marie Burugu. The idea of Vivo Active Wear emerged from the personal experience of the two. Apparently they weren’t able to find attire to wear for their Zumba and Salsa Classes so they set up Vivo to sell health and fitness wear, however it has since evolved to selling regular clothes.

Janet Mbugua
Janet Mbugua wearing a coat from Vivo Active Wear

Six years later Vivo has 8 outlets in various malls in the city;Junction, Yaya, Galleria, among others and City mall Nyali, Mombasa. Shopping has never been the same for women in Kenya since the launch of the store.

Wandia and Michelle
Wandia Gichuru and Michelle Ntalami

Michelle Nkatha Ntalami. Successful entrepreneur, Michelle Ntalami graduated in 2010 with a first class honors in bachelor of arts in design and communication from the University of Nairobi. The 33 year old then worked as an accounts manager with Scangroup from 2011 before she quit to start her own company, Brandvine Group, for the purpose of providing creative brand design and interior solutions to companies and individuals. In 2014, Michelle left for Italy to study interior design at the Florence Design Academy. On return back to the country Michelle launched hair care company, Marini Naturals which is currently thriving and the talk of town among women in the country. Marini Naturals meet the need of most women who have natural hair. It has fast risen into a must have commodity.

Marini Naturals
Michelle Ntalami- Marini Naturals

Anerlisa Muigai. Daughter of Tabitha Karanja, Keroche Breweries CEO and founder, Arnelisa Muigai, is easily one of Kenya’s rich kids. Her family fortune aside, Arnelisa is also one hardworking lass who has her own water company. She is the founder and CEO of Nero Water company. Nero Water company is a premier water company that supplies enterprises, events, executive taxi services and other businesses with its branded products.

Anerlisa Muigai- Nero Water Company

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