10 Positive Things You Must Say To Yourself Today


Life is not easy, it’s a struggle. There are tremendous obstacles that can sometimes obscure the view, whether it’s dealing with being broke, bullying, insecurities, or family challenges.

But we believe that we all have a choice: to either focus on what’s wrong with our world, or focus on what’s right.

Again I repeat, life is not perfect, and life is not easy, but when you focus on what is good, it becomes clear that the keys to happiness are all around you, and when put into action, that empowerment can in turn, lead to a kinder and braver world.

Here are 10 positive things you must tell yourself today;

1. Yesterday was bad but today’s going to be better.

2. I have a lot to smile about.

3. Heartbroken? I deserve better.

4. I am letting go of yesterday’s stress.

5. The Future has more in store.

6. I can do it.

7. It’s not too late.

8. Today presents another chance.

9. I am priceless.

10.I am making the best of everything.

Here’s an extra one you are more than a conqueror.

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