Lilian Muli Discloses Nature Of Her Relationship With Shabana Football Club’s Chairman

jared and Lilian

Slim possible’s host Lilian is among the few female celebrities who find themselves caught up in a heated conversation with fans. Although she is chilled out, Lilian Muli never has it easy on social media at times. The lass might be the most attractive anchor


Teacher Wanjiku makes An Unexpected Comeback


She was hilarious during her stint at Churchill Show, she even became the one attraction the whole country tuned in to watch loyally every Sunday. Till she decided she was big enough to decamp and start her own show. we all know how that went


Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo Shares Throwback Photos From Her Wedding Day

Millie Odhiambo

Every woman treasures the day she got hitched to the man of her dreams. Each single moment stays fresh in her mind and never gets tired of flossing how the day was. This is the same reason why Mbita MP, Millie Odhiambo posted photos of


Victor Wanyama Urges FKF And FKL To Stop Being Self Centered and End League Stalemate


Kenya captain Victor Wanyama has urged an end to the bitter dispute over country’s national league. Football Kenya Federation previously announced intent to set up a new top division featuring 18 teams, while existing Kenya Premier League Limited remains determined to continue with its 16


Kaka Sungura Lashes Out At Presenters, DJ’s And Blogs For Not Supporting Local Music

Kaka Sungura

When will we ever learn to appreciate our local talent? This is a question that has begged for answers for the longest time. Though we know the answer, we remain ignorant. It’s quite sad that our entertainment industry focuses on promoting foreign talent, forgetting that


Twitter Wars: Mutahi Ngunyi Pledges To Pay Larry Madowo For Every Book He Reads


Larry Madowo hosted jeff Koinange some time back on The Trend to promote Jeff’s book. It so happens that the two had roughly the same number of followers on micro-blogging site Twitter. They placed a bet on live TV that whoever crosses the 500,000 mark


Beyonce Breaks The Internet After Photos Of Her Leaving Her House Without A Bra Emerge


Beyonce Knowles is one beautiful woman and she knows it. It’s not once or twice we’ve heard someone refer to her as the most beautiful woman on the planet. Maybe it is because she has her act together, career check, family check and the most


Meet The Aged Woman Who Danced Herself To Winning A Bottle Of Martini At Eric Omondi Untamed 3 (Photo)

Eric Omondi

Age is just but a number. Growing older simply means one is just completing the steps of life. And if you thought age could limit one from doing what they love most then you are in for a surprise. During the Eric Omondi untamed 3


Lupita’s Custom-Made Oscars Dress Disappears Mysteriously


After Lupita rocked the Oscars awards this past weekend in her white pearl dress, someone somewhere couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. The dress which is approximately  Sh14 million, was loaned by Calvin Klein and had been made by hand, by designer Francisco Costa.


Rufftone Responds To Muthoni Drummer Queen’s Attack On Gospel Musicians’ Hypocrisy


We recently informed you of MDQ’s album launch during which she decided it was time someone called the Kenyan gospel fraternity for what it is. She urged the concerened entertainers to “keep it real”. It is true, some are known to live double lives, others